Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just another day at the dog track Well I took the Poprad out for its maiden voyage today. It was a cool day hovering around 32 degrees F. I loaded up with a PB&J, GORP, Elete in the camelback, a bottle of Accelerade, and a Red Bull. I headed out on Demers Ave towards the Buffalo ranch, and continued on the gravel westward. The road was surprisingly dry with a couple of hard spots down the middle. There were a few washboard sections, but the Lemond steel soaked them up nicely. I guess steel is real. I continued on to metropolis that is Emerado. After leaving Emerado, a couple of miles down the road, I heard a couple of dogs barking. I looked to my left to see a ginormous German Shepard and an equally sizable Black Lab sprinting down their driveway. The adrenaline kicked in and I kicked it down as fast as I could pedal. I had a good lead on them, but they were gaining on me quick. Luckily they tired out and gave up about a half mile later. I need to get a tazer or a cattle prod for crazy country dogs like that. Well after I recovered from the dog interval I made a right for Turtle River State Park. I was hoping that the single track out there had thawed and was as dry as the gravel roads. They weren't so I headed back the way I came. Only this time I bypassed the section were I had been chased. It was a slow ride home. I stopped a few times to snack and have that Red Bull. It was a good first ride. I like the way the Poprad feels on the dirt. It's not too squirrly. As long as you stay out of the really mushy stuff. Thankfully it accelerates pretty fast as well. I think it will be a great bike for Trans Iowa. I took a few pictures of the ride. Enjoy.

Here is one of the buffalo ranch. Do buffalo moo?

The long road ahead.

The beautiful town of Emerado, ND.

"I know you like em sloppy".

Anyone up for a Whitey Hillclimb Challenge?

It gives you wings!

That's all of them. Time to go rest up for the big Sioux hockey game tonight.

I wonder how Mr. Kerkove is doing?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Hello Hello all in Bloggerworld. Just a quick post to update the progress of the "Trans-Iowa Slayer". After a little delay it's finally all built up. I'm just waiting for the pedals to come in. Thanks Pat for all your help. Here are a few snapshots of the beast. I'll get it muddy tomorrow and post some more. Enjoy : )

It's like an excited puppy in a new home. Even jumping up on the couch.

Sweet Bontrager 46/38 cranks.

The ohhh sooo comfy Selle Italia SLR XC saddle.

Superlight Salsa bottle cages.

For some reason Lemond gave me an upgrade to Ultegra levers. Thanks Brian : )

That's all for now. Time to go watch the Sioux men's hockey team go against Michgan. Holy Cross just upset the Gophers in overtime! Hopefully the Sioux can win tonight and face them tomorrow night.

Also good luck to Jeff Kerkove at his first race of the year.

Simmons out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Working for the weekend Well I worked at the bike shop all weekend. It was fun to get back in there and feel like I'm contributing to the cause. Even if it meant hanging out with Sears and Malissa all day long : ) I watched the Sioux hockey team almost blow their chance at a playoff spot in the Final Four tournament. It took them three games to advance to the Final Five in Minneapolis. Why does Mankato always seem to give them problems? Brian? Jen and I also whooped up on her Mom and Dad in pinocle on Saturday night. I'm finishing up my "rest even harder" phase of training this week : ) Time to start getting ready for TI V.2 Sounds like the Poprad was shipped out on Friday. So, I should have it ready for the weekend. Anyone up for a gravel grinder? Chequamegon 40 lottery drawing is on Wednesday. Good luck to everyone who entered. Looks like there's still one madman trying to go the distance in the Alaska Ultrasport race. Great job Pierre on getting to McGrath. There are some good stories and pictures in the Alaska MTBR thread here. That's all bloggers. Good night.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trans-Iowa Slayer Well I ordered up the newest edition to the fleet. It's a fiesty, cannibal orange, Lemond Poprad. After weeks of going back and forth. I finally decided to go with the Poprad over the Surly Cross-Check. The price difference was just too good to pass up. Plus, that is one tasty color. I'll be swapping out saddles for a Selle Italia SLR XC. It's the same saddle I have on my mountain bike, and I love it. I still need to decide on pedals though. I think It'll be one fast machine for Trans-Iowa. I can't wait. Hopefully it'll be here Wednesday or Thursday, and I'll be able to rough it up next weekend. I'll post some pictures of the build-up and maiden voyage next week.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blah, blah, blah I'm stuck at work. Bored out of my mind. I should really be out biking right now. Trans-Iowa V.2 is right around the corner. Speaking of which, another spot just opened up. Check it out on the MTBR endurance forum. There's also a bunch of other good reads on there as well. Went to the Sioux men's hockey game last night. Thanks for the tickets Murphy. It finally looks like they are getting it together for the post-season. Hopefully the gophers have peaked too early and the Sioux can take the national title. What do ya think Brian? More snow in the forecast for this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it all melting so I can break out the road rocket that is the 2200 : ) Hopefully I have a pair of Kysrium SL's or a set of these to mount on it by then. Both of these wheels seem like overkill for my middle of the pack road bike. Check out Pierre in the Alaska Ultrasport race. Looks like he is doing quite well. 350 miles into an 1100 mile race across Alaska on a single speed pugs! Go Pierre Go! Anyone want to go to Alaska next year? Not much else to report here. Blahg ya later : )

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Random Not much new here. Got lots of snow lately with more on the way this weekend. I went snowshoeing in it last night. Lots of fun. Where were you Austin? I'm going to order up my Cross-check soon. I got the okay today. I'll post my parts selection soon. Brian, any news on a warm locale for some road training? Are you coming to town soon? Gotta go. Later.