Sunday, October 28, 2007


Rick and I went on a little scouting ride last night up in Grand Forks. We went along the Red River on the ND and MN sides. We found some really nice four wheeler trails on the point in EGF that were a lot of fun. Only about a mile of the river bank, but there were at least two or three different off shoots that we didn't explore yet. Hopefully the snowmobiles will be back in there once the snow flies and they will be just as good in the winter. Speaking of winter it had to be at or below 20F along the river last night. The weather channel said it was 23, but it was definitely colder than that when we were riding. My hands got numb at one point. Fun stuff. I'm still waiting for a couple parts to show up before the Pugs is all upgraded. Hopefully this week sometime. The new fork worked great on the river trails and in town. It will be interesting to see how it handles all loaded up for winter though. That's all for now. Here's a few pictures.

Rick in his man cave making room for his new winter bike. I can't wait to see it. It's gonna be a looker.

This picture turned out kind of dark, but I like it. If you look closely under the bridge you can see Rick on the trail.

This one is on the four wheeler trails we found. My camera died while taking it, and there is a weird leaf shape just above and to the left of the trail. Strange.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Never bring a Switchblade to a cat fight

Pw helped me get the Pugs ready for winter again yesterday. Thanks a bunch Pat! Got the new Switchblade fork and CK wheel installed. As well as the old faithful XTR rear derailer off the 8000 and a new chain. It looks great, and as a bonus, found out that this new front end makes it steer a million times better. I'm not sure of the weight savings yet. The fork is a lot lighter and the hub is narrower and without a disc mount or rotor. I bet I easily saved two pounds or more over the old setup. Now I'm just waiting for a couple more parts to show up next week that should lighten the load even more. Stay tuned. In the mean time enjoy a few photos and a video of our UFC kitties.

Amazingly the tire slips right into the fork at full pressure. I thought for sure I'd have to deflate and work to make it fit.

Plenty of clearence. I think I see daylight in between there : ) Nothing rubs though.

Tight tolerences. This receipt fits right in the gap : )

Jax relaxing after a hard fought win for the 100 calorie snack box trophy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back from Beets!

The first two weeks of every October is sugar beet season. I made it through another one unscathed. This year I got an upgrade in trucks which was nice. The last few years I drove a 1976 International that I thought had a lot of power until this year. Enter the Big Red Mack. A 1980 Mack Truck that could really haul the beets. Just under 20 tons per load. Bullet proof is a good way to describe it. Anyway it was long hours in the drivers seat. 8:00pm to 8:00am. I made a nice chunk of money. What to spend it on? Hmm. How about another piece to the Pugsley puzzle. Here are some pictures of Big Red and the Pugs' new front shoe.

The Mighty Mack


A view from the drivers seat.

The night time is the right time. A little bumpy on the highway.

And finally, Large Marge has lost some weight : )