Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just another day at the dog track Well I took the Poprad out for its maiden voyage today. It was a cool day hovering around 32 degrees F. I loaded up with a PB&J, GORP, Elete in the camelback, a bottle of Accelerade, and a Red Bull. I headed out on Demers Ave towards the Buffalo ranch, and continued on the gravel westward. The road was surprisingly dry with a couple of hard spots down the middle. There were a few washboard sections, but the Lemond steel soaked them up nicely. I guess steel is real. I continued on to metropolis that is Emerado. After leaving Emerado, a couple of miles down the road, I heard a couple of dogs barking. I looked to my left to see a ginormous German Shepard and an equally sizable Black Lab sprinting down their driveway. The adrenaline kicked in and I kicked it down as fast as I could pedal. I had a good lead on them, but they were gaining on me quick. Luckily they tired out and gave up about a half mile later. I need to get a tazer or a cattle prod for crazy country dogs like that. Well after I recovered from the dog interval I made a right for Turtle River State Park. I was hoping that the single track out there had thawed and was as dry as the gravel roads. They weren't so I headed back the way I came. Only this time I bypassed the section were I had been chased. It was a slow ride home. I stopped a few times to snack and have that Red Bull. It was a good first ride. I like the way the Poprad feels on the dirt. It's not too squirrly. As long as you stay out of the really mushy stuff. Thankfully it accelerates pretty fast as well. I think it will be a great bike for Trans Iowa. I took a few pictures of the ride. Enjoy.

Here is one of the buffalo ranch. Do buffalo moo?

The long road ahead.

The beautiful town of Emerado, ND.

"I know you like em sloppy".

Anyone up for a Whitey Hillclimb Challenge?

It gives you wings!

That's all of them. Time to go rest up for the big Sioux hockey game tonight.

I wonder how Mr. Kerkove is doing?


Brian said...

Nice timing. I just got back from the maiden voyage on the Madone. :)

Good luck climbing the sledding hill at TRSP in the winter conditions!

Simmons said...

Do tell, do tell.

Lars said...

Propad, more like ProRad.