Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Baaaack Well I made it back from the metropolis of Memphis, TN. It was quite an experience. Courier training went great. I'm glad to be done with all of that. I didn't realize that Memphis was such a big city. Lots of crime. Eight murders, numerous robberies and assults in the two weeks I was down there. A couple of the other guys that were down there for training took me to Beale St. It's a famous street in downtown Memphis that has a ton of blues clubs and restaurants along it. Very cool atmosphere. We went to BB Kings blues club. Also checked out the Rendevous restaurant for some of their famous Memphis "dry ribs". Very tasty. Thanks for recomending it PW. While walking along the blocked off street, a guy passed us followed closely by a few of Memphis' finest. They grabbed him and started to take him back the other way. He started to resist them. I've seen enough episodes of COPS to know what was coming next. They threw his arms up behind his head and took him down face first into a metal railing outside one of the clubs. Then they all piled on him with knees in his back. All the while he's screaming "I didn't do nothing". This was about 10 feet from us. We just stood there in awe. Welcome to Memphis : ) I also got to see a NHL exhibition game at the FedEx Forum. Predators vs. Blue Jackets. Lots of fighting and scoring. Nashville won 8-1. Karl Goehring was on Nashville's roster, but didn't play. I also saw a guy with a Sioux jersey on. What a small world. One night we headed down to Tunica, Mississippi to lose some money at the mini-Vegas they have there. It really is like a mini-Vegas. Big casinos with all the lights and attractions. I ended up playing a cash poker game for about five hours. I was up a 100 bucks at one point, but then lost it all and ended up down a hundred. Just like on TV : ) All in all it was a good trip. Two weeks on FedEx's dime, I can't complain : ) Here's a few pictures of the trip. Enjoy.

The famous Beale St.

Bad boys, Bad boys, whach ya gonna do when they come for you? Brought to you by the men and women of law enforcement : )

A neon "Lucille"

On the way downtown this guy was going the wrong way down the street in his rickety looking wheelchair. The speed limit here was 40 mph! Unbelievable. I was surprised this picture turned out as well as it did since we were going so fast by him. Ride it like you stole it buddy.

At the hockey game. The FedEx Forum is similar to the Englestad Arena, but one level taller and not as luxurious.

The Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. There were probably 20+ casinos all lit up like this.

Mr. Kerkove posted about a new map site called Route Slip. I mapped a couple of routes in the North Dakota section. Llama Turtle Field Brian! Check it out, and add some more. Pretty cool stuff.

The EnduroSnob Epic has been cancelled. That is too bad. I had gotten time off and everything. Oh well I might put my time off to good use and go to Matt's Tobasco ride in Iowa instead.

Anyone want to go out to TR this weekend?

That's all for now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Turtle River, CX, Ultra Distance Events and Memphis I went out to Turtle River State Park on Monday. The new trails the Americorp crew made are perfect. They extended the horse trail section so that there is single track all the way along the hill on the east and south side of the trail. Very fun and fast. Especially going opposite of the "race loop". I managed to clip a tree with my left grip which sent me heading straight into a tree on the right side of the trail. I cushioned the blow with my arm and then rolled a couple times down the hill. I was a human pinball : ) Then the ski trial section just before heading into the gopher hills has been replace with some sweet single track as well. A few nice roots and rocks in this part. The old Americorp trail along the marshes was also widened and groomed better than ever. Helmets off to those guys and gals from Americorp who put in over six solid weeks of trail work. Thank you very much. Brian, make sure you bring the 9.9 in October. Paddy, you and Naomi should head over there on your way down to the CX races at the end of the month.

The new and improved section towards the end of the "race loop"

Tonight I went to the first cyclocross race of the season in Moorhead at Johnson Park. I've never done a CX race before, and it was an eye opener. 45 minutes of my lungs on fire. Ouch! I'm out of shape. It was painful but fun. A lot of nice guys and gals showed up. A big thunderstorm just missed us. Only a few sprinkles to make some of the grass sections slick. I will definitely be back for more.

EnduroSnob needs some brave souls to sign up for the EnduroSnob Epic in November. Only six signed up so far, and a third are from North Dakota. Lets try and get a 50% representation at least. If Mangan and I can do it then Sears and Brian certainly can. Come on guys. You can do it.

Also the Arrowhead 135 registration is open now until December 1st. Start getting your winter camping gear in order. This is a must do race. Any takers out there? Pw-how about it this year?

In non-biking news I'm heading to Memphis, Tennesse on Sunday. I'll be there for two weeks for FedEx training. Then everyone in Fargo better stay off the sidewalks cause I'll be behind the wheel of a big white truck : ) It should be fun. Anyone been there before? I'm gonna try and catch a Nashville Predators pre-season NHL game. Other than that I'll see if I can't rent a bike and get in better shape while I'm down there.

That's all for now. I'll try and keep up with blogging while I'm in Memphis. Hopefully I'll get a bunch of pictures of Graceland to share with everyone : )

Friday, September 01, 2006

Paddy Wagon Hey Mr. Hummeny. I didn't know you were sponsored by KONA! Check out Paddy's new ride for 2007 : )