Sunday, March 12, 2006

Working for the weekend Well I worked at the bike shop all weekend. It was fun to get back in there and feel like I'm contributing to the cause. Even if it meant hanging out with Sears and Malissa all day long : ) I watched the Sioux hockey team almost blow their chance at a playoff spot in the Final Four tournament. It took them three games to advance to the Final Five in Minneapolis. Why does Mankato always seem to give them problems? Brian? Jen and I also whooped up on her Mom and Dad in pinocle on Saturday night. I'm finishing up my "rest even harder" phase of training this week : ) Time to start getting ready for TI V.2 Sounds like the Poprad was shipped out on Friday. So, I should have it ready for the weekend. Anyone up for a gravel grinder? Chequamegon 40 lottery drawing is on Wednesday. Good luck to everyone who entered. Looks like there's still one madman trying to go the distance in the Alaska Ultrasport race. Great job Pierre on getting to McGrath. There are some good stories and pictures in the Alaska MTBR thread here. That's all bloggers. Good night.


Brian said...

Mankato has been giving every team fits recently...they had swept their previous 2 series before playing the Sioux.

But I am happy that the Sioux won though...since I have tickets to the Final Five this weekend. :)

Have fun with your 'rest' week, and hopefully the Poprad comes in!

Brian said...

How long did it take them to get back to you with the lottery results for Cheq?

Lane said...

Davealtello you need to meditate, and your mind will become one with your body. Then, and only then, will you be able to succeed in the Trans-Iowa. Imagine a bottle of orange fanta, and you riding atop it striving to become great. At ease your thoughts will be if you are to do me proud.