Friday, February 06, 2009

Not much to report on the race for me. Wasn't feeling the best at the start. Felt really great about 10 miles before the Gateway store. Rode hard and fast till Gateway. Ran inside filled bottles and took off with Greg Ames. He dropped me shortly after, and I felt like crap from then on. No power = not enough heat being generated. Sun was setting. Got really cold. Changed into dryer warmer clothes. Came upon Sheep Ranch Road which I knew headed to Highway 53. Road that for about 15 miles before Rick picked me up and took me to Melgeorges Resort to have a great meal and watch the race unfold. The highlights of the event were a presentation on the Alaska races from Mike Curiak. Hanging out with all the really fun people that put on and participate in this race. and winning a Pugsley frame in the prize drawings at the race meeting. Everytime I do this event I go home humbled and inspired by my failures and others feats of strength. I can't wait until next year!