Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Engaged Yes, it is true. I'm finally engaged! After nine years together, I have come to the conclusion that she is "the one". I'm soo lucky that she is as patient as I am. Not sure about the details yet. We're thinking a winter wedding maybe. I told her to just tell me when and where, and I'll be there :) Anyway, it's been a busy holiday season. Brian came back to the homeland last weekend. We had a big turn out for Hub night. Except the grill was closed again. That's two time's in a row with no "Hub Burger". It was still a lot of fun. I went to my parents for Christmas at Lake Sarah. Good to see the family for the second time this year. Hi Mom and Dad! It was great to see the expression on everyone's face when they realized Jen was wearing an engagement ring. Lots of "It's about time" being thrown around. On a biking note. I'm starting to amp up the training for the Arrowhead race at the beginning of February. I'm going to try and slowly build milage the next four weeks. Then take a trial run out to Lake Sarah at the end of the month. It's about 140 miles round trip. I'm planning on riding there, camping out overnight, then riding back. I should be able to work out any remaining gear issues on that ride. Well, I hope the holidays treated everyone well. Thanks for all the congrats on my engagement, and have a great New Year's if I don't blog before then. Drive safe! Good night.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'M IN! I made it into Trans-Iowa v.2. That was a rush. kept saying that registration was closed. I kept trying anyway, and now I'm in. Come on Brian, Brooks, Sears, Pat and anyone else I forgot. Who else is in?

Trans-Iowa Registration opened up late last night and a few people got in before they shut it down. So it will open up again at 1:00pm central time zone. Be ready you guys. It's going to be "intense"-Andrew. Good luck. Let me know who gets in.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

King Kong Went to King Kong tonight. Very good movie. A little long though. Over three hours. Jack Black is pretty funny. Not as funny as Tenacious D, but still funny. There's some very freaky tribal people, dinosaurs and bugs. Great special effects that make you jump in your seat. And there's even a love story for the ladies. I give it four out of five stars. Definitely a must see in the theatre movie. Not much else happening this week. I should be getting in the Bibler bivy tent I ordered tomorrow or Friday. Now I just need a -20 sleeping bag, stove and a few other small items for the Arrowhead race. Anyone have a preference between Northface or Mountain Hardware for the sleeping bag? I'm looking at the Northface Tundra or the Mountain Hardware 4th Dimension. It's time for bed. Goodnight :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Fat Tire Single Track I went for a great ride yesterday. The best one so far this winter. It started out at the Ski and Bike Shop. Big surprise! Sears and Nathan were playing the role of Brian, and helped me tune up the Pugs. Nathan helped me put on clipless pedals, and Sears straightened out the rear brake caliper. Thanks guys, I'll have to get you some handlebars :) I also found a Patagonia Integral jacket on the sale rack that completes my winter armor. Wind proof with two big vents in the front to keep from overheating. I'm "Wussow Excited" about it. Soon, I will have more Patagonia than Austin. Hi Austin. Anyhoo, I left with a smile on my face and headed towards Lincoln Golf Course. I could already feel the extra power from the clipless pedals. I powered over the dike and bombed down the backside, amazing the little kids sledding down it. I rode on to Lincoln Park, and off to the side of the road, I saw some 4 wheeler tracks heading down to the river. I followed them and found some single and double track that rivals some of the trails at Turtle River State Park. Not really, but they were pretty good for winter riding. There was a rock garden, downed trees to ride over, off camber sections, tight technical turns. It had it all. The tracks wound along the river all the way to Riverside Dam. I'd say at least five miles worth. I've found my training grounds for the Arrowhead 135 race. I'll try to get some pictures of it soon. Pat, if you have your big tires on we should go for a ride this week sometime. Sears, narrow tires might work, but I think that you'd be pretty worked afterwards. It's worth a try. Brian did you ask the President about a Trek adventure frame? Anyway it was a great day. I can't wait to go back for more. In other news. I registered for the Arrowhead 135 race on Saturday. Pat, if you haven't registered yet the entry fee goes up after Dec 31st from $100 to $150. Pierre, the race organizer, e-mailed me and said they already have around 30 people registered. Is everyone ready for Trans-Iowa registration on Saturday at 11:00 am Pacific time. Sounds like it will fill up fast. Only 70 racers allowed. Who's all going? On Sunday morning I had to call Grand Forks' version of Brooks Leedahl. I had my window open because I have the opposite problem of Fox. My apartment is too hot. Anyway, I heard what sounded like a goose outside. I went to the window and looked around and saw a woman laying on the sidewalk. The goose was her calling for help. I grabbed my cell phone, threw on my jacket and shoes, and bolted out the door. It turned out to be one of my neighbors from down the hall. She had slipped on some snow covered ice and dislocated her knee. I calmed her down and called 911. A few minutes later. I heard sirens coming down the street. It was a big fire truck. Followed shortly by an ambulance. They got her on a gurney and away they went. Pretty exciting start to the day. Well I hope to do a better job of blogging this week. Later.

Monday, December 05, 2005

2006 Schedule Well it is time to start thinking about what races to do in 2006. The MNSCS schedule has been posted, as well as the WORS schedule. Any idea what races are near you Brian? I will be doing the Arrowhead 135 winter ultra marathon race February 6th-8th. Pat White from the Ski and Bike Shop has confirmed he will be doing this one as well. Which is a great relief for me. It will be nice having someone else with to push me, and to pass the time. I hope the weather and the wild cooperate. Pat you should start a blog. Trans-Iowa race April 29th-30th assuming I get in. Brian, Fox, Pat and Sears have all expressed interest in this one as well. Hopefully we all get in and all finish. Anyone else going to do this race? The 24 Hours of Afton is definitely on the list. This is always a great race on a really challenging course. It's also a fun atmosphere with the Litchey's entertaining everyone. Hi Trent and Tonia. The 24 Hour MTB Nationals will be in Brian's neck of the woods this year. July 29th-30th. There is talk of doing this one as a team. Should be a lot of fun. I would also like to do more road racing next season. The ND and MN calenders aren't up yet, but both state championships should be on the schedule. Maybe a trip to the Wisconsin state championships will be in the cards too. The Headwater 100 was my best race last year. I definitely want to do that one again. Maybe we could put together a good group of riders and win it next year. No rain dances though. Other than that maybe a Triathalon and some cyclo cross racing in the fall. Anyone have other races that they are looking forward to? Sound off.