Friday, March 24, 2006

Hello Hello all in Bloggerworld. Just a quick post to update the progress of the "Trans-Iowa Slayer". After a little delay it's finally all built up. I'm just waiting for the pedals to come in. Thanks Pat for all your help. Here are a few snapshots of the beast. I'll get it muddy tomorrow and post some more. Enjoy : )

It's like an excited puppy in a new home. Even jumping up on the couch.

Sweet Bontrager 46/38 cranks.

The ohhh sooo comfy Selle Italia SLR XC saddle.

Superlight Salsa bottle cages.

For some reason Lemond gave me an upgrade to Ultegra levers. Thanks Brian : )

That's all for now. Time to go watch the Sioux men's hockey team go against Michgan. Holy Cross just upset the Gophers in overtime! Hopefully the Sioux can win tonight and face them tomorrow night.

Also good luck to Jeff Kerkove at his first race of the year.

Simmons out.


Budget Biker said...

just upstairs avoiding the fam dam aly. nice bike dave take out on demmers to the end of pavement then maybe just maybe run it all the way to JOHNNY'S in emerado on the gravel road, i mean frozen icy muddy sandy look how fast people drive on this road. on second thought better dress warm and put a smooth 60 miles on dry roads. see you at work monday.PS will ride the blue cx5.5 . Keep it of the ground that is nice paint and it slick out there trust me i have had to take one for the team to save the bike more than one time well back to the family its "are you still up time"

Brooks Leedahl said...

Poprads are sweet. I'm looking for one for my wife. It should be perfect for TI.

Brian said...

Poprad is looking good, Vino. I'm glad that the factory workers put the Ultegra shifters on it like I asked them to. :)

That bike looks like it needs a warm-up race for TI. Sometime around April 15th in the Rochester area. ;)

That UMN game was awesome. They're calling it the biggest upset in the history of the NCAA tourney. Hopefully the Sioux can beat Holy Cross and get to the Frozen Four in Milwaukee. I already have my tickets.

Lane said...

you have yourself a pretty bike

G-reg said...

Nice Dave'o' (not to be confused with Devo). Those annonimous Trek Guys are pretty Cool. The owner of the shop down here broke his P1-Lemond frame, and what came as a warranty replacement? Just a Madone SSLx. How is your other SLR XC holding up, have you laid it down yet? I love my plain old SLR, but it's getting beat up on the MTB.

G-reg said...

Oops, I mean "anonymous" Sorry for the lack of speel cheak. And GO SIOUX

Brian said...

Vino- we got into Chequamegon. They cashed my check yesterday.

We're good to go!