Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blah, blah, blah I'm stuck at work. Bored out of my mind. I should really be out biking right now. Trans-Iowa V.2 is right around the corner. Speaking of which, another spot just opened up. Check it out on the MTBR endurance forum. There's also a bunch of other good reads on there as well. Went to the Sioux men's hockey game last night. Thanks for the tickets Murphy. It finally looks like they are getting it together for the post-season. Hopefully the gophers have peaked too early and the Sioux can take the national title. What do ya think Brian? More snow in the forecast for this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it all melting so I can break out the road rocket that is the 2200 : ) Hopefully I have a pair of Kysrium SL's or a set of these to mount on it by then. Both of these wheels seem like overkill for my middle of the pack road bike. Check out Pierre in the Alaska Ultrasport race. Looks like he is doing quite well. 350 miles into an 1100 mile race across Alaska on a single speed pugs! Go Pierre Go! Anyone want to go to Alaska next year? Not much else to report here. Blahg ya later : )


Brian said...

Trans-Iowa? I'll have to think about that...not sure if I am quite ready for that much riding this early. ;)

The Sioux are coming around. The Gophs are playing very well, but anything can happen in the single elimination NCAA tourney. We'll see what happens. With that said, GOPHERS SUCK!

Aeolus wheels would be a bit overboard, but very cool. I say do it...or just get Ksyrium's because they're bombproof. :)

G-reg said...

You know for what some ksy3riams could have some sweet ass hubs laced 3x into some OpenPro's. And when Vino takes out half the sprint with his Vino-ness he won't have to order special spokes.

PaddyH said...

more snow up here too...tabernack!
hand-builts the way to go dude.