Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Maplelag Ride

Trent "Lumberjack" Litchy and I went out to Maplelag Resort yesterday morning. What a great ride. The trails were in perfect shape. They are all marked and blown off for the UCI race on May 12th and 13th. The temps were close to the 80's with a slight breeze, sunny and there were no bugs. Just a beautiful morning. We did two laps of the expert course. Trent cleaned all of the lakeside drops for the first time ever. He was very excited about that. Way to go Trent! After cleaning all the drops he let his guard down on a small log bridge for just a split second. Next thing you know, over the bars trying to chop logs with his head. Luckily he was just fine. Nothing hurt except his helmet that totally saved his noggin. I ended up taking the Pugsley out there since I'm having my fork on the 8000 serviced right now. I ran about 20psi in the Endomorphs and had little trouble with the rocks and roots on the course. Although with that low of pressure it wanted to track in a straight line and took some effort to turn in the tight corners. I think it would be a great choice if the course is slick and muddy. Tons of traction for a small weight penalty. I did miss having a shock though. The rigid fork gave me a few blisters even with the bouncy tires. Overall we had an excellent time, and can't wait to get back out there. If you haven't been to Maplelag yet you are seriously missing out on the best singletrack in the area. There's a link to the right in the cycling links section. Check it out. In the mean time here are a few pictures and a video of "Lumberjack" Litchy mastering the lake side drops. Enjoy.

I thought I saw Papa Smurf chasing Smurfette through these flowers : )

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Brian said...

Helmets save lives.

Sounds like you had a good time.

At least the horseflies weren't out yet!

Anonymous said...

I'd never ride off-road without one, though I may have to ride once or twice with a bad one.

That lake drop sure doesn't look like much on the video, but from the top it's a bit unnerving.

Thanks for documenting my helmets death, Dave. We shall have to repeat soon!

G-reg said...

Seeing Smurfs, I'll give Big Trent the benefit of the doubt if he was seeing little blue people after ring'n his bell like that. But what's your excuse Simmons?

Anonymous said...

I see where Dave is going with the "L" fot lumberjack and Litchey. I would like to accent the positive for Trent and offer up "Lightsabre Litchy" with how dissected the drop.