Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random thoughts

It's official. I registered for the Red Ass 300 on Sunday. Registration closes on the 31st so Trent and Brian better get moving : ) I wonder how their Minneapolis ride went? The RA300 should be a ton of fun again this year. I can't wait.

After that I'm looking forward to Nine Mile and Afton. Gonna keep the schedule pretty light this year again.

Putting in some sod on Saturday. That should be fun. Not to mention good upper body training. Hopefully it doesn't rain as forecasted. After that I just have to talk Trent into building me a deck : )

Henry is growing up fast. Dallas should have a little one not to far behind. Good luck on becoming a daddy Dallas! Are we going to see you at RA300?

Here's a picture for all those requesting one. This is Henry's "poop face"


Brian said...

Sorry Vino, no Red Ass for me this year. I will be in northern WI with Heather and her parents for lake fun that weekend.

Good luck with the sod!

Does lil Henry always carry around a sign with his age on it? :)

Heathrow's World said...

Lil Henry has a cute poop face. How is it being a father?

tonia said...

Is Trent doing the RA300? I suppose I could ask him myself.
Henry is such a cutie! Hope all is going well with parenthood.
Trent and I still have to stop by for a visit.

G-reg said...

Actually, thats a "This is gonna suck for you" face.