Monday, March 10, 2008

Bike shops and Baby rooms

I was thinking of building a work bench right below where the bikes are now. It's a two stall garage, and we only have one car. So, there's lots of room for a home bike shop. I need to finish insulating and dry walling it though.

The baby room is almost complete. We got the crib all cozied up, and built a bouncy chair, swing, stroller and play pen this weekend.


Brian said...

The baby room looks ready to rock for Lil Buddy! :)

Is that your Cheq number plate still on your 8000?? :D

Anonymous said...

Baby room needs some cycling memorabilia. AH trophy, race numbers, jersey, etc.

Two car garage and only one vehicle! Wall that puppy off and get the man cave going! Sky light adds a nice natural lighting for the shop.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that all your bikes are hanging up. Quite possibly out of your reach. No bike is leaning against the wall ready to go out. Are you neglecting your bikes?

Dave said...

call the social worker....I suspect bike neglect

Anonymous said...

There is nothing in the world that beats being a "daddy." And you are gonna be a great one!!!!!
I am super pumped for you!!!

Cycling Scribe said...

Hey Dave, Nice work on the Baby room. Is that the "Team Brown Bear" brown bear in the crib waiting for Lil Buddy? I think that will make a good sleeping friend.

I want to help you with your work bench. You should get Brian to send you his plans and well throw one together. The weather is nice enough.