Monday, June 25, 2007

Went out for a leisurely Sunday road ride yesterday. I figured I'd work on my heat tolerance so I headed out for Grand Forks at 1:00pm. It was hovering at or above 90 the entire time. I had a nice tail wind. Which was good and bad. Good that it helped push me along. Bad that I was going about as fast as the wind so I was in dead air most of the time. My shorts were all white with salt when I reached GF three and a half hours later. A 23mph average for the 78 mile ride. Not too shabby considering 25 minutes of that was dealing with traffic in Fargo. I went through four 24 oz bottles(two water with Elete and two with Enervit straight outta Canada), a 70 oz camelback of plain old water and two GU's. Training is coming along just right for 24 hours of Nine Mile in July. It would be nice to not DNF at a race this year : )

Team Brown Bear was sporting the new jerseys this weekend. Brian and Brooks at an Omnium in Wisconsin, Heather at a Olympic distance Tri and the Mangan girls at the Nature Valley Grand Prix. You can see pictures and stories on Brian and Brooks' blogs and here is a few of the Mangan cubs : )

Getting the legs ready for the big race!

Gots to stay hydrated : )

All smiles before the race.

Bigger smiles after the race and big medals to match. Great job girls!

While writing this post the mailman knocked and had a box full of Brown Bear jerseys! They look fantastic! I think I'll go for a ride in one now. Thanks Brooks. Later.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your pumped about 24/9, it'll be a hoot.
I did some hill training yesterday with paddy and a few friends and it was painful but good.Thankfully there are no real hill at nationals so I figure I'm pretty much over training on the climbing and under training the flats.
I also wanted to say that our provincials are at an absolutely amazing venue (former 1999 pan-am games trails) so If you feel like making the trip up I can find spots for you kids to sleep.

Dallas " training fucking harder than ever now." Sigurdur

Brian said...

Who gave you a ride home from Fargo? ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG, cute little baby brown bear jerseys!
I had no idea we had some cubs in the pack.

Simmons said...

Dallas - When are your Provicials? Are yankees allowed to enter :) Are you still planning to ride a fully rigid single speed at 24-9?

Brian - Jen gave me a ride back to Fargo. She's the best!

Anonymous said...

August 26th and yes you can enter. all I think you need is you local license but I'll check on that. I can guaranty you will love the trails there and promise there will be plenty of pain in the hills for you.
I'm waiting for my wheel set so I can Gage how the tires will feel before I commit to going rigid. I will be riding the SS though as I have only raced 1 out of 6 24 hour races on a gearie and don't plan on changing now. Plus the course is a single speeders dream.

Are you following the GDR?
I have to admit it took me a while to get into it but after seeing the pictures and reading about all the towns they go through I'm fascinated.

Dallas " Crazy ass motivated." Sigurdur

Simmons said...

That's the same weekend as 24 Hours of Afton. I could do the 24 which ends on Saturday at 5:00pm and then do a marathon drive up to Manitoba for the race on Sunday :) That might be a bit much. We'll see though.

Definitely a single speeders course. Maybe I'll run the Pugsley as a rigid single speed to deal with all the rocks :o Only a month to go!

Yeah I'm following the GDR. Seems like the winter bikers are dominating. I think the wildlife is what intimidates me the most about that race. Maybe in 3-5 years I'd like to tackle that beast. How about you? Ever want to do something like that?

G-reg said...

The 8K wants a White Industries ENO hub and Freewheel.