Friday, June 15, 2007

Not much new here. Felt pretty good this week considering the long ride last weekend. If anyone hasn't read Charlie's race recap. You should. It is very entertaining! Time to start focusing/training for the next race. 24 Hours of Nine Mile at the end of July. Hopefully it isn't as hot and humid as last year. No tornado warnings would be a plus as well. A big GOOD LUCK goes out to the brave souls tackling the GDR starting today. Go Dave Nice! I thought Nathan was nuts for doing the RedAss on a fixie. Dave is trying to be the first to finish the GDR on one. Ouch! Should be fun to follow those guys on the net. That's all for now. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I got threw the marathon yesterday but not without 4 Advil and allot of hurt pride. Now will be the time of hitting the bike hard and getting ready for 9 mile where hopefully it will be as great as the other two times I've been there.
How's it going on your end?

Dallas "ouch" Sigurdur

Simmons said...

Going good here Dallas. Way to go at the marathon! Don't hit the bike too hard. I want to try and keep up to you at Nine Mile :)