Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cold Night #3

Slept out again last night. Made it down to -8F. I added my down jacket over the lower portion of sleeping bag inside the bivy for some extra warmth. I also wore a Patagonia R2 fleece and my wind pants over a mid-weight base layer. This system is the warmest so far. I fell right asleep and didn't wake up at all from the cold. Very cozy. I feel very confident that I can bivy out overnight in almost any conditions now.

Also, I got most of the parts that I ordered for the Pugsley. Just waiting on the Paul Thumbies. Now I just need to have the new XT hub laced into the rear wheel, and the 9-speed shifter and deraileur installed. Then the Pugs will be ready for the WCRS. Watch out Dr. Cale : ) The good guys at SBS will be doing the dirty work for me. Hopefully I'll have it back in time for the trip up to the Arrowhead Trail on the 16th. Think snow! That's all for today. Here's some pictures to spice things up a bit.

Sleeping bag and pad inside of bivy sack.

Me inside of bivy sack.

A view from inside the bivy sack. That is my down jacket at the bottom of the bag.

All the goodies that will soon be consumed by the Pugsley.

The poor 8000 has lost something.


Chris said...

Let me know how you like the thumbies. :) I've got a fictional 26lbs snowbike built in my head with those. Plus I was going to run them on the Fuel next year. Mmmmm friction backup mode for loooooong races.

Doug said...

Dave...I have the Paul Thumbies on my Pugsley and I really like 'em! Of course, keep in mind I've never done dirt and have nothing to compare them to.

gjc said...

Dave, I'm excited to hear that the Pug is just about ready to roll. Post pictures, please.