Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday Funday! Well the Sunday ride was a great success. "Success" meaning Rick didn't die on me : ) We started at 7:00am and a 100 miles later we got back at 7:00pm. A good 12 hour LSD ride with numerous breaks and a burger stop at the Tuel Shed in Warsaw, ND. Their burger and fries seriously rival the Hub Special. The fries are definitely better. Only two dogs got close to catching us. There were countless others that were tied up or fenced in that wanted to. We stopped outside of Oslo, MN for a rest and counted 8 gunshots in the 2 minutes we we're standing there. Thankfully we stayed out of Minnesota on opening weekend. One section of B-road between Warsaw and Minto was the highlight of the course. Some good muddy pictures below. Once the roads turned south there was a slight headwind and not a whole lot to look at until we got to the Kelly Slough. Overall a fun ride. There was talk of doing a similar route once a month all winter long. So those of you who hemmed and hawed will have numerous chances to join us next time : ) Now, on to the pictures.

Rick, in full EnduroSnob Epic gear, looking back to make sure he hasn't dropped me.

Someone has tried this route before : ) and failed : ( A Huffy just doesn't cut it.

I grabbed it so Rick could put it in his backpack : )

A quick sausage muffin break in Manvel. Finger lickin' good.

The killing fields across the bridge in Oslo, MN.

Quick break before Warsaw.
They sure like their camo up north. Mossy oak stalls in the Tuel Shed bathroom in Warsaw. Kind of scary, but they sure have good burgers.
Rick putting those wide tires to use on the B-road between Warsaw and Minto.
Me trying to keep the rubber side down.
Old Blue all gummed up. Nothing a few bottles of water couldn't clean up in Minto. Rick even had a repair stand in his backpack to make the job a snap : )
Looks like this gravel was brought from Kansas. Who's doing the Dirty Kanza next year?

Rick still having fun after 80 some miles.

Sun's going down. It's going to get cool again.

Last picture of the night. A frozen Kelly Slough. Hope you liked em. Later.


Unknown said...

Looks like a good one!

Endurosnob said...

Great pics, Dave. You could have just slept in the backpack for the overnight.

Brian said...

Looks like a fun ride! I enjoyed the pics. Nice job.

That bathroom scares me too. The Hub fries used to be a lot better before they switched to the thinner ones. For awhile, they had both types of fries, and you could specify which ones you wanted, unfortunately they only have the thinner ones now. :(

Brooks Leedahl said...

it would be fun to wear a bunch of camo shit and hide in that bathroom and scare peaple as they took a piss.

Lars said...

Great ride! You guys are for real. Did you encounter even a single automobile out there?

Simmons said...

Very few cars. They were all friendly, but confused to see us out there.

gjc said...

HEY, Dave: great ride, description, and pics.

i love it. you should definitely do it once a month.

G-reg said...

Yea, I sat on my ass for at least 7hrs that day instead of joining you guys. Good work though.

G-reg said...

Good price on Thumbies:

D-Lo said...

That was wicked cool

Justin Fox said...

Another serious rival for the Hub Special are the burgers at The Dutch Room in Grand Rapids, MN. Seriously, stop there if you're ever on hwy 2 and hungary.