Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween Picture Post

Mr. Ames smiling next to an upside down tree after a quick spin around Turtle River. It's getting chilly out there. It won't be long now until there's snow on the ground.

Budget Biker's winter bike. Looks like fun : )

A fat new 2.70 tire on the front.

A hub's eye view of that wide tire.
Just enough room. I guess you have to remove the brake arm in order to get this tire in there. Nice work SBS.


Brian said...

Where the heck is that tree at TR??

I see that the Pugs made an appearance out at TR as well. How are the modification plans coming along?

Simmons said...

It's a tree that was pulled out by the new office they are building by the park entrance.

The Pugs loves TR. It is quite a workout throwing it through the new singletrack. Modifications are just waiting for financing :)

Brooks Leedahl said...

baggy shorts over leg warmers is so not pro

G-reg said...

Leg warmers? that's some full on tights action...ooooh yea.