Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Went on a fun ride tonight. Two hours on the river bank trails. Beautiful night. 12 degrees F, no wind. I brought along the camera to try and capture what its like to ride in the snow along the banks of the Red River. Here is my photo blog:

Here is the Pugsley relieving itself on a tree.

Here's the footprint of the Endomorph tires.

Another bathroom break on a fallen tree.

This is the funnest part of the trail. It winds through the trees with some hairy off camber sections.

Watch out for open water and skunks. I saw a one around this area a few weeks ago.

End of the trail at Riverside Dam. You can barely make it out in the background.

Well that's it for tonight. I hope you enjoyed them. I'll try and get some action shots this weekend. Goodnight.


Brian said...

Holy crap you guys have alot of snow! We don't have any here. None at all.

Those trails look like they are perfect for the Pugs.

treadnorth said...

Nice blog, and even nicer ride. I'm also a rider here in GF, and my main winter rig is also a Surly. Just a classic 1x1, not the Pug, but man it's fun. I'd love to see your Pugsley in person some time. What drivetrain are you running now; I noticed you dig singlespeeding. Anyhow...

G-reg said...

Jenson worked at Scheels, shun him...maybe throw rocks.

Yosh, how has the drunken snowmobile traffic been? I was thinking a few days ago you should get a BoB trailer and put a big ass ATV tire on it, and paint it Purple too.

Brian said...

Big Yellow!?!?! AAAAHHHH!

No one (aside from Vino) is allowed to touch the Pugs because it was deemed sacred after its inaugural ND State SS Champ victory.

Even though that victory is somewhat tainted because neither Greg nor I were there to make a race of it.

Dave said...

brian is still complaining about the SS champeonships....let it die man, let it're the one that moved....acutally thought thats why you moved, so you could save face....just joking

Simmons said...

The trails are pretty nice right now. They had a good thaw/freeze cycle for the last few weeks. Then we got a few inches on top of that.

bjensen, thanks for stopping by. I won't descriminate, even if you do work at Scheels. As for drivetrain. I'm running a 34x20 on the "29er" endomorph tires. Maybe if I see you out riding I'll slow down enough for you to check it out :)

Greg, check this link out:
That's how to set up the pugsley.

treadnorth said...

Sounds like I shoulda showed up for the ss champeonships. Mr. Sears posted it on a forum I put together -
I couldn't come that night cuz of work, but not at Scheels. I'm actually a flight instructor by trade, but I did recently started up at big yellow again just to build bikes. I work there cuz they let me come and go as I can in between the other job and I like wrenchin' and parts discounts. But yes, I'm aware that they are the sissy shop in town. :) I'm also running a 34x20, which seems a bit too relaxed on the flats (since my Surly doesn't have 3.7" tires) but I'm tryin' it out for snow time; I've got a 17 tooth on the flip/flop as well.