Thursday, January 19, 2006

Snowshoeing Went snowshoeing with Austin tonight. It was my first time. "Go easy on me please" : ) It was fun. Here's some pictures. Here's Austin at the shop before we headed to Lincoln Park. I think Pat is reprimanding Josh in the background : ) For what, I don't know. Any guesses? Austin is an animal. He loaded up his pack with a sandbag that most people put in their vehicles for traction. Crazy! I could barely lift it. Austin trying to stay upright with all that weight. He had to prop himself up with a pole : ) I'm on fire!

Gratuitous photo op. Me with the MSR Lightning Ascents. They are super lightweight with a ton of traction. I was very impressed.

That's all folks. This post was brought to you by the letter M and the number 7.


Brian said...

Austin is like Tinker Juarez when he would go on bike rides with a backpack full of rocks.

Is that a new brand of snowshoes that you guys got at the shop? Look pretty nice.

Lane said...

I am very impressed and thankful that a quality blog post was sponsored by such a wonderful prime number like 7. The letter M however hasn't impressed me much of late, and I don't know what letting the letter M into your blog will do to its ego.

Simmons said...

They are MSR brand. We are now a dealer for them. They have lots of nice stuff for the outdoors. I have a stove and some cookware from them as well. Mmmmmm :)