Wednesday, December 14, 2005

King Kong Went to King Kong tonight. Very good movie. A little long though. Over three hours. Jack Black is pretty funny. Not as funny as Tenacious D, but still funny. There's some very freaky tribal people, dinosaurs and bugs. Great special effects that make you jump in your seat. And there's even a love story for the ladies. I give it four out of five stars. Definitely a must see in the theatre movie. Not much else happening this week. I should be getting in the Bibler bivy tent I ordered tomorrow or Friday. Now I just need a -20 sleeping bag, stove and a few other small items for the Arrowhead race. Anyone have a preference between Northface or Mountain Hardware for the sleeping bag? I'm looking at the Northface Tundra or the Mountain Hardware 4th Dimension. It's time for bed. Goodnight :)

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