Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Snowboarding We had the Burton rep at the shop tonight. Really cool guy. I learned a lot about snowboards. Mainly that I want to buy one now. Custom board/P1 bindings/Hail boots. What do ya think? Just what I need, another expensive hobby. I think I'll probably rent/borrow a set up first. I'd hate to spend a ton of money and not even like it. Thanks to my new CFO, Jen. I drove down to the parking ramp the other night after work. It wasn't what I was expecting. I thought there would be new sticky blacktop covering that slick concrete. Great for fast cornering. Instead they just filled the cracks and potholes with new concrete and smoothed it out even more. It might be a little better. We'll have to have a G-race before the snow flies to test it out. Maybe a few races, then off to "The Hub" for burgers and beverages to warm up with. Any takers? I was on MTBR tonight and was reading about a race in Colorado. Here is a link to the discussion Want to try this one in a year or two Brian? Sounds like fun. Well I'm off to bed. Vino out.


Brian said...

That snowboard setup is similar to mine, except I have the Cartel bindings. You should borrow the Dart first to see if you like it.

I'll be bringing the 970 home for T-Day if the weather looks nice enough for Gravity Racing!

That race looks crazy-tough. We could ride together and pace each other.

Anonymous said...

I've also got a similar set up sImons. Custom X, P1 bindings, Ion boots (got a killer deal on the boots).