Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween. Hope everyone is having a fun time on this scary night. Not me just working the night shift at Rydell Mart. 12 hours into a 16 hour shift. Nothing like Brian's friend Brooks who works 72 hours at a time, but long enough for me. As you can tell it is pretty slow at night. I have time to work on my blog and surf the net between parts requests. I have added some links on the side bar to some other blogs and sites that I like to frequent. Brian and Dave Sears are fellow bike nuts that have created blogs. Hopefully the rest of you reading this will create one as well. It's a lot of fun so far. Jeff Kerkove has the best blog on the net. I have been reading it since it's inseption. There are a lot of really good links on his site. Check it out. Then I put some of the bike manufacturer sites in there as well. Speaking of biking. I guess my new Lake MXZ301 winter shoes came in at the bike shop. I didn't have a chance to go get them. I'll give my first impressions in a few days. Check out their website I will have a product review after I get a few rides in on the "Pugsley" this winter. Hopefully they will keep me warm for the Arrowhead 135 race in February. In other biking news. I heard on the radio today that the Central High School parking ramp has been resurfaced. I might go down there after work tonight and check it out. Can't wait to see how much faster the Gravity Races will be. For those of you who don't know about the GGFGRPS you can learn all about it at Just click on the Gravity Racing link in the left side bar. Hopefully Fox will keep that part of the site interesting with his eloquent rants. Speaking of Fox I found a picture of him on the net at his new apartment. Clean shaven I guess for his new job. Looking good none the less. Well I'm leaning towards the Kona "Major Jake" frameset for a cyclocross bike. Anyone have ideas on what components to build it up with? You know me. It will be a beater CX bike. Well that's about all for tonight. Tomorrow I'll be visiting the beautiful Jenny Short in Fargo. So, there might not be a post for a day or two. Talk to ya then.

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Brian said...

They resurfaced the parking ramp?!?! Man, we're going to fly down that mofo during gravity races. I bet it's nice and tacky too for ultra-fast cornering.

You will have the only 'beater' cross bike in existence with complete Dura-Ace. :)