Monday, November 14, 2005

Off Road To Athens Just got done watching a new mountain biking film called "Off Road to Athens". Wow, what a great movie. It follows the top U.S. mountain bike racers during the 2004 season. Eight riders are all fighting for only three spots on the Olympic team. Very inspiring. Makes me want to quit my job and try and be a pro mountain biker. Definitely a must see for any cycling fan, and even non-cyclists would like this movie. Great scenery, and I'm not just talking about Shonny Vanlandingham. Buy it here or if you want to borrow mine, let me know. Looks like we might finally get some snow tonight. Winter storm warning in effect until Wednesday. Four to Ten inches possible. Hopefully I will be riding the Pugs to work tomorrow. How's it looking out in Denver Bill? Time for sleepy Dave


Anonymous said...

Got a couple of inches last night...But unfortunaely it all melted off today....I mountains got about 25 inches though so its only a matter of time. Snowboarding here I come!!!

Brian said...

Bill Mastre, Julie's brother??

Say hit to Julie for me!!

Anonymous said...

Will do....say Hi to Tonia for me!