Sunday, November 13, 2005

Duluth Trip Well, just got back from Duluth. What a trip. I left on Friday afternoon with my girl Jen, and her friend Sara. We were off to see the Sioux spay and nuetuer the Minnesota/Duluth Bulldogs. After some wonderful navigating by Jen and even better directions from Crystal we were there. Chad and Crystal , who we were staying with, had already gone to the game and we didn't have tickets for Friday night. So, after getting settled in we found some cookies Crystal had made for us and turned on the T.V. There was a public access channel on with a very intriguing show on. It was a conspiracy theory kind of show. The host I guess has a syndicated radio show and he liked to talk. For three hours we were glued to the T.V. as he laid out a case against the President and the government. He claimed that G.W. and the government not only knew that the 9/11 attacks were going to happen, but that they planned them as well. Not only that, but that they are a part of a secret society that wants to rule the planet. At first we just laughed it off, but after a while I think we were brain washed into believing this bozo. It was crazy the stuff he was saying, but he had mainstream video and newspaper clips to back it up. Check it out for your self on the website they kept flashing on the screen. I'm usually not very political, but it makes you wonder what the government is really up to in Iraq, and other countries where we have no business being. Enough of that. On Saturday we awoke to the air horn of a ship coming into the harbor. What a view of the lake we had. We headed down to the shore to get some coffee. We ate lunch at a really good deli next to Pizza Luce. Did some shopping downtown. I even got to see Brian at his hotel. Nothing happened Heather, I swear. Then I got drug around the mall by the girls for two hours. I hate shoe shopping with women. Chad was lucky he had an appointment that afternoon. So Saturday evening finally rolls around and we head off to the game. It didn't look good at first. The Sioux were down 2-0 nothing after one period, and they had two guys ejected for checking from behind. After numerous other Sioux penalties they got their act together and killed em 7-4 , and completed the sweep for the weekend. The Sioux football team also won. It was a great weekend for Sioux athletics. After the game we went and had some good Applebee's food. Then we went back to Chad and Crystal's and watched "Super Troopers". That was the first time I had seen it, and I would recommend it to everyone else who hasn't. Very funny. On Sunday, we left for home early since it was supposed to snow. Luckily there was hardly any snow and all the deer on the side of the road had already been hit. It was a fun weekend. Thanks Chad and Crystal for putting up with us. I can't wait to visit again. Except next time I'm bringing my bike. Could you imagine a gravity race down the hills of Duluth? Maybe not, but there are a lot of nice trails in the area I would like to check out. Well I better get to bed. Another week is about to begin. Later. Dave

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