Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heck of the North What a great time I had at the inaugural Heck of the North gravel road race. Super nice people as always at these kinds of events. Very well organized from start to finish. Fantastic volunteers and food at the halfway checkpoint and at the finish line. All the fast guys showed up and showed how it's done. Me, I was just happy to participate and finish in one piece. Highlight of my ride happened when I had a run in with a marsh or bog, not sure what you call it. I thought I could ride through it until my front wheel sunk in over the hub and I went over the bars. I put my arms out and they sunk up to my biceps! Kept my head out of the muck though. I just had to laugh and wade my bike to dry land. Everyone else around had a good laugh too as they found the totally dry path around the wetness : ) Good times! Had fun riding with John Hatcher and Dean McCauley towards the end. Nice sprint John! Looking forward to next year and to trying more of these races that I haven't made it to yet. Here are a few pictures that I took and there are more on the race website.
Tasty pre-race food at the Burrito Union!
Camera got a little wet. It wasn't foggy as it looks.

The trail sections were a welcomed change from the gravel. A good chance to stretch the legs out.

p.s. In other exciting news. Jen and I are expecting another little one in April!


Doug said...

Right in my own backyard and I had to miss it. I had plans in place for the weekend that were made back in June. Hopefully next year I can join in on all the fun.

Charlie Farrow said...

Hey Dave: Great to see you again...I am sorry that I could hang with you guyz but with my wife taking her CRNA Boards here on Monday it was just too crazy to get away for more than the race time...Give Rick my best. A bunch of us are going to race that one on December would be great to have you there as well!!!
Great news on the new baby,

Brian said...

Congrats Dave & Jen!!!

Heathrow's World said...

Congrats on little Simmons #2!! Hope Jen is feeling ok!