Monday, November 24, 2008

First TOP SECRET training ride in the books! Clearance smearance : ) I heard G-Ames is going to sign up for the AH135. Pat, will you be there this year?


Brian said...

That doesn't look like snow.

Did you fall in a patch of cockleberries?

Cycling Scribe said...

Holy smokes Dave! Where did you go riding? Looks like the some good endurance. Have fun cleaning it up.
Remember you are one with the cockleberries!

Anonymous said...

Dave, looks like I have recruited 2 more riders and a driver from GF for the AH. Then Jim, Warroad Chuck, Rick, and myself. Throw in Greg and we have a room full. I'm currently riding with Jim, and making/playing with alcohol stoves. Contact me when you are coming up.

G-reg said...

Dave LOVES tha'