Sunday, December 09, 2007

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. Work has been crazy busy with the holidays approaching. One good piece of news from work is that I finally got the time off for the Arrowhead race. I've registered and am on the 2008 race roster. Very excited about that! Training has commenced on the weekends. Rides with pw, Jim and "The Mangan" are all helping to get into prime Arrowhead racing fitness. We have over a foot of snow on the ground here and it looks like International Falls has even more. The course should be perfect this year. Hopefully the cold temps we've been having will stick around. It was -27F the last two nights up in Grand Forks. I went out for a three hour ride yesterday afternoon up there. It was between 0F and -10F. Great trails have been made along the Red River by the snowmobiles. There is also a great groomed trail throughout lincoln park and golf course. Good stuff. I'll have to go explore around Fargo this week and see what I can find down here. I took a couple of pictures and videos yesterday. Here they are.

Rick has his winter gear testing lab all set up.

In other news Jen and I found out that we are going to be having a baby boy on March 27 2008. Any suggestions on names? I was thinking Bear. Like Bear Grylls. That guy is crazy!


Anonymous said...

Glad your happy with the snow and cold Vino. All I can say is it makes my morning commute a little dicey here in Fargo.

gjc said...

Well, congratulations, Dave! I guess freezing something off at the Arrowhead won't be quite as dire now.

Names? Pugsley, of course.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave, I was really hoping you get in this year. There are quite a few runners I know heading there this year and the buzz is it's going to be a real good year.
I talked to my friend Matt Long and he's getting a sled for trail support and told me he could get me one to if I was interested. I definitely am and will have to ask work though for the time off.
sadly that's about all I could do because unlike you I'm in no shape to be pushing bush for two days:)
Say hi to Rick and I'll keep checking in on your progress.
Oh and congratulations on the addition.
Dallas "way out of shape" Sigurdur

Heathrow's World said...

Congrats on the baby boy! Hope Jen is doing well!

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding about -27. It only felt like -5.

Brian said...

Congrats on the boy Vino!
Also, nice job getting the time off for A135.

I like how you almost biffed it in the video, and that made you laugh. :)

Dave said...

Congrats on your baby boy AND on getting into the Arrowhead. Looking forward to hearing about your training and racing exploits.

Anonymous said...

You should have her hold off until the 29th and name him William Clifford!!

Unknown said...

U should name him Ernesto....

There aren't that many of them =)

Nice work getting into AH!

Charlie Farrow said...

Hey dave...great news about OFFSPRING!!!! Kids are great tax deductions :) I am also pumped to see that you are coming to the BIG DANCE...Rick called me and invited me to "chill" with the Nord dakota boyz...The night before we can all get our petticures and hair done up so we look our best for the grand entrance...

Paul said...

Awesome news Dave! Congrats! Being a dad is the greatest reward in the world!

I am loving your bike and your rides! Good luck at Arrowhead!

Stay Warm!

Jacob Paulson %^)

Simmons said...

Thanks everyone!

Trent - You need to watch this video that was on Paddy's blog. I think it will help you cope this winter :)

Good Dr - I think Pugsley will take a little bit of convincing for the wife :)

Dallas - That would be great if you could make it for the Arrowhead. It's a lot of fun even if you aren't racing. Just ask "The Mangan"

Heathrow - Jen is doing great. How long before you and Brian join the fun :)

pw - Any goodies from the other pw yet?

Brian - You can't help but laugh when you are on a Pugsley :) Buy one already!

Dave B - Looking forward to YOUR training and racing exploits as well. Still might have to drive out for the 25 miler. Kinda close to the Arrowhead though. But it sure looks like a fun and challenging course.

B Mastre. What up?

Dave N - Way to go pro! Good luck at the Togwotee 100!

Charlie - Don't forget about shaving our legs for aerodynamic efficiency :) Keep working on a mass start. That is definitely more fun.

Jacob - Glad you like your new name :) Looks like you are getting a bunch of winter weather training in down south :) Keep it up!

PaddyH said...

congrats dude!!

Justin Fox said...

Holy Joseba! Congrats dude!