Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back from Beets!

The first two weeks of every October is sugar beet season. I made it through another one unscathed. This year I got an upgrade in trucks which was nice. The last few years I drove a 1976 International that I thought had a lot of power until this year. Enter the Big Red Mack. A 1980 Mack Truck that could really haul the beets. Just under 20 tons per load. Bullet proof is a good way to describe it. Anyway it was long hours in the drivers seat. 8:00pm to 8:00am. I made a nice chunk of money. What to spend it on? Hmm. How about another piece to the Pugsley puzzle. Here are some pictures of Big Red and the Pugs' new front shoe.

The Mighty Mack


A view from the drivers seat.

The night time is the right time. A little bumpy on the highway.

And finally, Large Marge has lost some weight : )


G-reg said...

She's still a fat bitch. You should "add" some "drillium" to rims. And that looks like a front hub with normal dish...

Brian said...

Does that thing have an 8-track?

Nice upgrade with the CK hub. It will look glorious with the new fork. Think of how much lighter your front end will be. :)

Simmons said...

I was thinking of adding some drillium, but one of the salsa guys did it to his last year and only saved 40 grams per wheel. I don't know if that is worth the risk of a wheel disaster at -30F. It is a front hub with normal dish. 112 grams of hub love :)

No 8-track in the Mack. Too bad because my dad has a killer collection of Charlie Pride on 8-track that I could've borrowed :)

Dave said...

Let's see the whole enchilada! The new fork + the new wheel! As soon as I built up my XT/Large Marges last year I regretted not blinging it out with CKs.