Sunday, July 15, 2007

Maplelag Mayhem

Trent and I went out to Maplelag this morning only to be skunked by the formitable deer fly. About halfway through our first lap we were being eaten alive by deer flies and mosquitos. It wasn't too bad when we were on the ski trails, but in the singletrack, of which there is plenty, it was unbearable. Speaking of bears. It was like that old cartoon where the bear goes looking for honey and a swarm of bees attack and chase him through the woods until he jumps in a lake and uses a straw to breathe under water. Yeah, it was just like that except instead of bees it was deer flys. On our way out of the woods, on the ski trails, Trent said he could see a cloud of them behind me. Like they were drafting off me. It was crazy. So we went and found a nice gravel road just outside of Maplelag to put some miles on. That made up for the misery in the woods. Overall a good time was had by all. Here are a couple pictures.

Trent tried to get a picture of the chasing swarm, but all that showed up in the picture were a couple deer flies biting my right butt cheek.

Trent passing me on his cush ride.

There he goes, never to be seen again : )

My artsy shot of the ride.


Brian said...

Just ride faster. Then there aren't any deer fly issues. ;)

Less than 2 weeks!

Brooks Leedahl said...

there's this new stuff i think they call it "bug spray?" anyway, its supposed to work pretty good keeping biting flys and mosquitos and stuff from eating you.

Anonymous said...

Dave's blood is soooo sweet, even bug spray won't keep the critters from taking a bite!

Brian said...

I don't think that the Maplelag deer flies are affected by any sort of bug spray.

I remember going there with Squez and we loaded up on the bug spray but still got eaten alive in the woods.

Those things are super-human bugs of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Dave....looking forward to seeing you @ 9 Mile, especially at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday...{i'll bring a few extra "nutritional products" for you, just in case :) Charlie

Brian said...

Why'd you do it, Vino? Why?

Good luck getting past the doping controls at 9 Mile!

Brian said...

Race report?

Who do I sound like?? ;) :D

Good fun having you and Jen spend the night in MadTown. You're welcome back anytime...

Anonymous said...

Are your out there???