Sunday, May 13, 2007

Went up to Grand Forks today instead of going to Maplelag for the xc race. Andy Hampsten was in town for a dedication ceremony. The city is naming the bike trail system after him. He grew up in GF then went on to be a very successful pro cyclist. There was a group road ride at 9:00am. About 30-40 poeple showed up to ride with Mr. Hampsten. It was a great ride. Started off slow through town. Then a few faster guys started to crank it up. I'm definitely not used to going that fast. It was fun though. I'm glad I went. Here's a couple pictures. Enjoy.

Sears brought the TCR out of retirement for the day : )

Terry getting an autograph. He was grinning from ear to ear : )

Some of the Ski and Bike Shop crew. Best in the biz.

The End.


Brian said...


Wish I could have been there.

Did you try one of your patented attacks??

Dave said...

Simmons attack???...he was asleep at the wheel when Pat and Barten set me up for the yellow sign sprint...he eventually did catch up after I started slowing down for the stop sign.... ;o)...something tells me they all had a good laugh at my expense, but hey, I'll take the glory any way I can get felt weird riding a geared, freewheeling bike...back to the fixie for now....glad you came back up for the ride Simmons!

Anonymous said...

Sears sign sprint was beautiful. Barten and I brought him to the front, and peeled off and Sears threw down and everybody else just looked at Barten and me. Game over. Realization by everyone else about yellow sign, too late. Priceless.

Simmons said...

No attacks here. I was too demoralized after Sears won the sprint points :) Way to throw down on the TCR! I did get in a 5 man breakaway at the end though. That hurt pretty good ;)

What happened to you Pw? I didn't see you after the ride.

Doug said...

Cool pics of the group and Andy Hampsten. I had the opportunity to race against Andy back in 1978 when we were both Juniors. He was an impressive rider back then.

Simmons said...

That's crazy that you used to race against him. I knew you were more than a commuter turned winter racer :) I was born in 1978 :)

G-reg said...

Probably the biggest GF group ride ever. I withdraw comment on the SBS class photo....It's too easy.

Doug said... sure know how to make a guy feel old.

Anonymous said...

You didn't see me at the end as I flagged down Barten and we waited to ride back into town with our sprint champion Sears. Then at 42nd I turned left as I was running late for a date with my daughter and feeding time.

Anonymous said...

Dave...Great stuff!!!! Charlie