Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday Maplelag Ride

Trent and I went out to Maplelag again yesterday morning. Man was it chilly. It had to be 40 degrees or colder. There was steam coming off the lake it was so cold. Eventhough it was misty and cold, the trails were in perfect condition. They are nice and buffed from the race last weekend. We only got one lap in, but it was the fastest lap of the season so far. Must have been Trent's new Top Fuel. He was flying! That is one sweet bike. I want one bad. Full suspension and I think it's lighter than my hardtail. Anyway it was a good ride and here is a few pictures I snapped. Enjoy.

Should've went for a swim. The water looked very inviting : )

One less rock to worry about.

Trent's new machine. Is that keys in his pocket, or is he that happy about the new bike : )

Absolutely flying!


Brian said...

I agree about Trent's new TF. That thing is sweet. And I bet he shaved at least 2 lbs coming from his old hardtail. He was flying at the Trek trails too. But he had the same "key issue". He needs to learn to control himself. :)

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't see any need to control anything. I need to display dominance over the bike.
Dave never complained.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until all that fancy stuff starts to leak oil and hydraulic fluids...:) Charlie

ps Are you getting pumped for the Red amount of techy gear will save us out there on the barrens...

Simmons said...

That's right Charlie. Just a couple guys on low tech steel frames :) I'm starting to get anxious. Definitely haven't been training like I should. It's going to be soooo much fun.

Anyone not signed up yet should. I predict this race will be just as good, if not better than Dirty Kanza and Trans-Iowa. Come along for the ride. Hot weather, hills, tons of wind, and some warm canadian beer if your in to that :)

Brian said...

Did you make it back from Winnipeg in one piece, Vino?

Hopefully you regain feeling in your butt before Nine Mile. :)

Simmons said...

I made it back in one piece.

My butt is feeling remarkably good! I can't wait for Nine Mile!