Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last minute details

The Arrowhead is almost here. Just getting all the cold weather gear I own together and stocking up on chemical warmers. With lows forecast from -20 to -30. I will need all of it and then some. I decided to add a layer of insulation to the Lake winter boots I have. I went to the local Fleet Farm and bought a pair of size 15 felt boot liners. I got them big enough so that I could put them over the boots and cut holes in the bottom for the cleats. Then I put the Salomon XC boot covers over them. They turned out pretty nice. They clip in and out of the pedals just fine, but rub a little bit on the cranks. I need to take them out for a couple test rides before next week to make sure they will work alright. I took a couple pictures below. I also put on the new Team Brown Bear sticker I got from Brooks. Very nice. Thanks Brooks! I'll try and post again before I leave Sunday. Here are the pictures.


Chris said...

Looking good. Good luck out there in the bitter cold!

Doug said...

Another great idea! See you around Sunday.

Brian said...

Hopefully your feet stay warm. The 14 layers should help in that quest. :)

Good luck, man! Hope your tights make it in time!

Dave said...

Great idea! The felt liners and ski boot covers will be easy to pack if it does warm a bit too. Let us know how they work after you test things out.

Endurosnob said...

That is sweet. Nice work.

Btw, I have a sweet pair of booties you can use too. They don't do much for warmth but look great. :)

Unknown said...

Very Nice!

Jill Homer said...

Wow ... two more days. Good luck out there!

Do you have anyone doing mid-race blog updates?

Simmons said...

Thanks everyone for the good luck. I'll definitely need it.

Doug - See you on Sunday.

Chris and Cellerat - Wish you two were coming to the race. Next year, right?

Brian - I got those tights today. They are going to be nice and toasty. Thanks again!

Dave B - Did some short tests with the booties. They are going to be warm, I think. Nothing like doing a proper gear test in a race :)

Skip - I'll have to take a rain check on the "bootie call" :) Thanks anyway!

Jill - No one doing mid race blog updates. The Arrowhead blog is supposed to be doing updates this year. Hopefully they post often and keep you all up to date.

that dave said...

the booties look awesome. what a great idea.