Thursday, January 11, 2007


Went out for a great Arrowhead training ride today. Two hours in the -20F wind chill. That will more than double my WCRS points so far. 180 pts to be exact. I took the pugsley for a tour of the icy and snowy bike trails of Fargo. I found an extra icy spot with my shoulder. Didn't see it until I was down on the ground. Good thing I had my helmet on. I smacked my head pretty good. Hard enough to crack the styrofoam core. It looks like winter is finally here to stay. Highs are supposed to be in the negative numbers this weekend. I'm really excited about that! Time to start chasing all you other WCRS riders : ) Here's a couple pictures.

This was the only spot where the wind wasn't blowing.

Frosty head.

Looks like I can put the 2300 and the trainer away : )


Chris said...

I need that balaclava with the nose hole. Nice pugs riding weather. Do you like the poggies or would you rather just have warm enough gloves? Where did you get them?

What pressure do you usually run the Endos at?

Simmons said...

I like the pogies. I've had a hard time finding gloves that don't get sweaty and cold after a long period of time. The pogies seem to get warmer the longer your hands are in them. I just wear long finger summer gloves under them, and bring an extra pair in case they get too sweaty. They have velcro pockets inside to carry chemical hand warmers if it gets really cold. I got them at Cabela's for about $20. They are intended to be used with ATV's or snowmobiles. Which I guess the Pugsley is both :)

For riding around town on hard packed snow I'll pump them all the way up to 30psi. That's usually where I leave them unless conditions get really soft.

PaddyH said...

try OR(Outdoor Research) they make some wicked Windstooper kit--I've got a ninja-like balaclava from them, had it for about 5yrs, it's the cats ass

Dave said...

I think you mean cats meow, unles you canadians have a thing for ass?....anyone riding ICEBIKE 9?

Jill Homer said...

Thanks for the pogie tip!

I just ordered some from

I was going to buy moose mits, but I'm not even sure I'll like pogies. So these seem to me a good, fairly inexpensive choice.