Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More snowbike stuff Has anyone seen this setup before? Looks like it would be a lot of fun. Talk about good traction. With a four inch Endomorph tire you get a good 4x4 patch of contact or better. With a track system I bet you get a foot or more in length and a couple inches in width of contact. The ski seems a little scary though. Hit an icy spot on the trail and I would think that would scoot right out from under you. $400 for the rear track kit and $140 for the ski kit. That's pretty cheap compared to what it costs for a Large Marge wheelset. I'm tempted to try the rear track kit out next winter unless Ktrak would like to sponsor me for the Arrowhead 135 this year : ) Today I ordered up a 9-speed XT hub and a 9-speed bar end shifter. Now I just need to get a Paul Components thumbie adapter and the Pugs will be ready for anything. Don't worry all you single speed fans out there. I'll still have the 20t freewheel on the front. I hope the SBS can fit me into their busy winter schedule : ) Here's a good article that I saw on the Alaska MTBR forum. At the end there is talk of making a carbon fiber snow rim. Very interesting stuff. I think I'll go for a ride now. I got some catching up to do in the Winter Challenge Ride Series. Later.


Scotty J said...

Dang that track is SWEET!!! I have never seen that before except on atv's and dirt bikes.

Chris said...

I love my SS a lot but for true snow riding gears can't be beat. With my granny I can pedal up almost anything on the Pugs. I can't stand and mash a big gear without upsetting the bike in snow like I can on dirt, at least not at the moment.

Carbon fiber or Remolino rims would be awesome for a future weight weenie/ultimate wheelset but for now the Endos on large marges are damn amazing for a bike purchased for $1000 total!