Monday, October 16, 2006

Titanium Bits Since I've been "domesticated". I've had plenty of time to veg-out in front of the TV. Last week I was watching ESPN and Primal Quest Utah came on. They were profiling some of the teams, and one of them was "Jen's Men". To my surprise there was a Grand Forks native on the team. It was Jason Magness, one of the guys from the climbing wall at the mall across from the Ski and Bike Shop. They interviewed him, and I have to say he's sounds like an interesting guy. I guess he used to be a rocket scientist and worked for the FBI to name a couple of the things he used to do. Now he teaches Yoga in GF. Crazy. Anyway it was entertaining seeing Jen's Men run around Utah for 500 miles. They ended up getting 24th place out of 90 teams. Very impressive. I think it would be fun to try an adventure race some day. Anyone else ever attempted or want to attempt one of these? In other news Jen and I went out and looked for wedding bands. She found one she really likes, but I couldn't find one. Then I remembered seeing some sweet titanium chainrings and cogs on the singlespeed forum at MTBR. They are made by Boone Titanium Rings and guess what they make titanium wedding bands as well. After browsing their site I found a couple I like. I might even have to get a matching chainring for the Pugsley : )


Anonymous said...

Need a female for your adventure race? Im in.

Simmons said...

Alright. Now we just need two more. Brian? :)

Brian said...

How do I get dragged into these things? ;)

I remember when that adventure racing club from UND used to come into the bike shop and tell us that our 24 hour races were too short for them. But then we found out that none of them (except for Jason) had ever even done an adventure race before. Ha!

For the rings...I like the Spiral Groove ring under the Special Styles section.

Anonymous said...

OkaY, I'm lost, Jen found one for you, and you didn't find one for her?
Adventure races, tons of them, and Jason's brother (also in race, Andy) is moving back to GFK's in December.
They are always on the lookout for racers to recruit, especially women, as it seems difficult to get a mixed team. They just did one about a month ago in WI, and needed a female teammate. Heather should get in touch with me. Check out the website for ecoprimalquest to get excited.
Speaking as the mechanic for the bikes, they get slightly abused.

Simmons said...

Jen found one for herself. I'm going to get one from Boone.

G-reg said...

Nice, they mad rings before sweeeeeet bike parts.