Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Baaaack Well I made it back from the metropolis of Memphis, TN. It was quite an experience. Courier training went great. I'm glad to be done with all of that. I didn't realize that Memphis was such a big city. Lots of crime. Eight murders, numerous robberies and assults in the two weeks I was down there. A couple of the other guys that were down there for training took me to Beale St. It's a famous street in downtown Memphis that has a ton of blues clubs and restaurants along it. Very cool atmosphere. We went to BB Kings blues club. Also checked out the Rendevous restaurant for some of their famous Memphis "dry ribs". Very tasty. Thanks for recomending it PW. While walking along the blocked off street, a guy passed us followed closely by a few of Memphis' finest. They grabbed him and started to take him back the other way. He started to resist them. I've seen enough episodes of COPS to know what was coming next. They threw his arms up behind his head and took him down face first into a metal railing outside one of the clubs. Then they all piled on him with knees in his back. All the while he's screaming "I didn't do nothing". This was about 10 feet from us. We just stood there in awe. Welcome to Memphis : ) I also got to see a NHL exhibition game at the FedEx Forum. Predators vs. Blue Jackets. Lots of fighting and scoring. Nashville won 8-1. Karl Goehring was on Nashville's roster, but didn't play. I also saw a guy with a Sioux jersey on. What a small world. One night we headed down to Tunica, Mississippi to lose some money at the mini-Vegas they have there. It really is like a mini-Vegas. Big casinos with all the lights and attractions. I ended up playing a cash poker game for about five hours. I was up a 100 bucks at one point, but then lost it all and ended up down a hundred. Just like on TV : ) All in all it was a good trip. Two weeks on FedEx's dime, I can't complain : ) Here's a few pictures of the trip. Enjoy.

The famous Beale St.

Bad boys, Bad boys, whach ya gonna do when they come for you? Brought to you by the men and women of law enforcement : )

A neon "Lucille"

On the way downtown this guy was going the wrong way down the street in his rickety looking wheelchair. The speed limit here was 40 mph! Unbelievable. I was surprised this picture turned out as well as it did since we were going so fast by him. Ride it like you stole it buddy.

At the hockey game. The FedEx Forum is similar to the Englestad Arena, but one level taller and not as luxurious.

The Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. There were probably 20+ casinos all lit up like this.

Mr. Kerkove posted about a new map site called Route Slip. I mapped a couple of routes in the North Dakota section. Llama Turtle Field Brian! Check it out, and add some more. Pretty cool stuff.

The EnduroSnob Epic has been cancelled. That is too bad. I had gotten time off and everything. Oh well I might put my time off to good use and go to Matt's Tobasco ride in Iowa instead.

Anyone want to go out to TR this weekend?

That's all for now.


Brian said...

Glad you had fun in Memphis.

I had looked at that Route Slip site too. I added a couple routes as well. My user name on there is babraham. I added you to my user list. Pretty cool how it shows distance and elevation gain.

Budget Biker said...

maybe TR, what day and time?
Have the girls most of the time.
Will ride Sunday 9:00 shop road ride.You in?
Matt's ride ? Split gas and go to Subway again?
There, I used my blog, theres hope after all for me. May even try to post.

Simmons said...

Nice work Rick! Try and do a post next. You can do no wrong. Call me if you have any questions. Matt's ride is a possibility. Although I thought about it and that day might be better spent for 24 hour nationals next year. We'll see what happens. Probably won't make the Sunday morning ride, but TR is a must. Let me know when you are available for a tour of TR. I mapped out the XC race course on Route Slip. Check it out in the link section.

Brian, you are now on my user list as well. I tried to get as close to the actual course as I could using the satellite photos. It says there is over 600 feet of climbing per lap. That can't be, can it? 5.27 miles per lap. Check it out.

Unknown said...

I'm doing a bit of a ride for that weekend.... dont know if you wanna come out to colorado...

Simmons said...

Hmmm? Very interesting. What do ya think Rick? Anyone else heading out that way?

Anonymous said...

You have to ride your chair down the middle of the street, as there is no shoulder. And now you have seen what could happen if you ride on the sidewalk. I like how your word verification gives props.

G-reg said...

What kind of TR ride? I think we are going to be in GF this weekend, but any bikes with gears need some work.

Simmons said...

Nothing too intense. I'm bringing the Poprad. Brian's coming as well. He said he was thinking of bringing the XO1 with an off-road and road wheelset just in case. Have you been on the new single track yet? I think there is going to be a hub night on Saturday as well. Maybe even a gravity race if anyone is interested?