Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Afton Aftermath Afton didn't go as well as I hoped it would. Started off trying to beat Kerkove on the run. I'm too slow to be doing that. I'll learn one of these days. Hit the first climb and had no power. That was pretty much the story until I pulled the plug at 3 o'clock in the morn. I had a few falls and one good crash somewhere in there. Brian had a good race with 11 laps. Trent had a stellar performance as well. He got six laps, and managed to shave 40 minutes off of his best lap from last year. Amazing! Sears managed a few laps on his fixed 29er. That couldn't have been easy with all the hills and fast downhills. To each their own I guess : ) Chuck was still going stong with 11 laps when we had packed up camp early. Have to wait till the Afton site posts the results to see where he ended up. Overall a good performance from our camp. Thanks go out to our solo pit crew person Tonia. Thanks to Alane and Dick for the deviled eggs. Mmmmmm. Thank you Chuck for letting us use your RV. That was nice. Congrats go to Team Cannondale with the one two punch of Mr.24 and Bucannondale. It's gotta be the shoes! That's all folks. Here are some photos.

Mario and me getting aquainted on the ride down : ) You fed him, right?

Sears admiring his bike on the left. Trent working on his knot tying skills. Mario on the trail for some bitches. Tonia surveying her support setup. And Brian, well I'm not sure what he is doing.

In other news. The Hummenys' had a great weekend at a 8 hr race in Canada. And Nick Martin pops the question on his blog. That blows my mind. Proposing after three days? It took me nine years! Wow. I'll try and post more pictures later. Blogger is acting up again.


Anonymous said...

Really weird seeing your hometown address as Fargo. Imagine that was a player on your dead legs and overall feeling of blah. Warrior of the North is Sept. 8, you will come up and race (old Jedi mind trick).

Brian said...

If not for my knee acting up, Kerkove would have gone down!! Those damn shoes!! :)

We have to make plans for Cheq 40, Vino.

Warrior of the North!!

PaddyH said...

what is this warrior of the North you speak of?? -sounds intrigueing.... you guys should defintetly find a way to Cheq....r ya still plannin on doing Maplelag Dave?

PaddyH said...

oh, ya...that dog/horse/hybrid is insane!

Brian said...

Warrior of the North is a 32 mile road race in GF.

We'll be at Cheq...are you going to be there as well?

Mario's father was a stallion of some sort.

Simmons said...

Pw- Is the 8th the correct date for Warrior of the North? That is a Friday? I would definitely come if it is on a Saturday or Sunday.

Brian- Unfortunately my FedEx Courier training is in Memphis,TN from Sept 10th through the 23rd. So, I will have to forfeit my Cheq 40 entry. Sorry about that. You will do just fine without me. Plus, Paddy will be there to show you how it's done :)

Paddy- Warrior of the North is a fun little race just outside of Grand Forks. Fun and very fast paced. As stated above, Cheq isn't in the cards for me. Take it easy on Brian though :) I'm planning on doing the Comp race on Sunday at Maplelag. Will you be there all weekend? Mario is a gentle GIANT :)