Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dave Nice is my hero Just wanted to give a shout out to Dave Nice. I met him at Trans-Iowa. Super nice guy. Anyway, he is out in the wilderness of Montana starting the Great Divide Race. He is riding a fixed gear bike! For those of you that don't know what a fixed gear bike is. It means there is only one gear on the bike, and that there is no coasting. If the wheels are turning you have to pedal. Here is a picture of Sears' fixed gear Monocog 29er' as an example. Notice you can run it with no brakes, if you dare.

This is the longest off-road race in the world. From the Canadian border to the Mexico border along the Rocky Mountains. Totally self supported! I don't know how he can pedal with cajones that big : ) Good luck man! You can follow the race reports here. I'm heading to a fish fry, and then it's to The Hub for burgers with the Wisconsinites. Later

p.s. Hi Chad I : )


Brian said...

I see that David Nice got his bike stolen while he was sleeping! Wow. That really sucks.

Simmons said...

Yeah that would be the worst feeling. There is a paypal account set up through MTBR to try and get him another bike.

Anonymous said...

Hope you slept well in Fargo and that things are treating you nicely there. I wonder how long you can be a kept man? Good luck! Definite TdF spots opening up, so keep your schedule is open to ride.