Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Carnage Tonight started out great! All the Ski and Bike Shop guys and gal got together for some laughs at The Hub. The good Dr. Dingle even made an apperance. Hub Specials for everyone.

Mmmmm! Hub Burrrrrger!

With our bellies full of beef and taters. We decided to head over to the parking ramp for the 1st gravity race of the season. I brought along the camera again. I hope the resolution is a little better than the last video. Sears drew first blood, and dominated the racing that ensued. Let the carnage begin! No pedaling fools!


Brooks Leedahl said...

nice video dave. i miss the gravity racing.

G-reg said...

That water at the end must have separated the men from the boys......I only saw boys in the video.

Brian said...

I want TR videos!


Simmons said...

The video we took of TR is giving me problems. The high resolution is making it hard to make a movie that is less than the 100K limit with YOU TUBE. Is it possible to e-mail a larger video to you? If not than I guess you will have to wait till you are here next time to see it :)

Brian said...

That's not what I want to hear! ;)

Most email accounts have email size limits, but it varies with the provider. You could try emailing it to me and see if it works. Next time we will have to leave the resolution on the medium setting evidently. :)