Sunday, April 09, 2006

Slacker Sunday I was a slacker today. It felt good. I had a long ride planned, but upon waking this morning I decided to sleep in. Oh well there's always tomorrow : ) I should probably start training for this little Trans-Iowa race soon : ) April 29th is coming up too fast. I did drive out to Turtle River State Park to check out the trails though. They are drying out nicely. I think they were ridable, but there were signs up asking not to ride on the trails because they are too wet. I did see a badass Jeep out there with some bike tire tracks heading away from it though. So someone was tearing up the trails. Anyway they should be good to go by next weekend barring any late week rain. Keep your fingers crossed Greg. Are you going to bring your bike up with you next week? Brian, Fox are you guys coming back to the promise land for a Sunday night ride? It is my B-day on Sunday : ) Everyone should plan for a Sunday night ride next weekend. Followed by a Hub Burger. In other news the flood of 06' is on its way out. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Here is a marker that was put up after the flood of 97'. The river was up to the 1979 mark earlier this week.

The Sorlie Bridge with water still up to the bottom. Whitey's restaurant, in the background, has some good food if you're ever in town.

Some of the singletrack at TRSP. A little too sticky yet.

Some more trails. I wonder what happened to the no bikes allowed sign? Hmmm : )

Anyone know what kind of animal track this is? Probably just a dog.

That's all for now. Later.


Brian said...

I am hoping to get back home in the next month or so. We will see what happens. A ride out at TRSP would be a must.

Happy bday on Sun, Vino!

I wonder if the rangers ever noticed that the sign was gone?

Lars said...

Dude, we have to ride this week while its nice out. How is today? We can do the airport loop you mentioned.

G-reg said...

Yea I'm bringing a bike. I'm not positive when I'll make it in or what I've been volunteered to do that day though.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Looks like a squirrel foor print to me.


Jeff Kerkove said...


I mean foot.

Brian said...

More like slacker week. :)

How's training going for TI? Did you ever do that Medora ride?

Simmons said...

Not yet. Wussow and I are planning on the first weekend in May. That will be right after TI, so we'll see how I feel. Do you want in? Nice job on your first race of the year BTW!

Brian said...

I won't be able to make that if it is the first weekend in May. May 7th is the first WORS race of the season, and I'm planning on going to that.

Justin Fox said...

Thats the track of a mexican. Named Vasquez. You may know him as, Squez.