Thursday, February 02, 2006

Shakedown Ride Went for a shake down ride tonight. 4 degrees F with a 23 MPH wind. That adds up to -29 on the windchill scale. Ouch. It wasn't too bad. I went to the bike shop first to switch out my chain ring again. I'm down to a 32x20. Much better with such a heavy load. I got some sweet XC ski boot covers. The old yellow Salomon ones that have been hanging around the store forever. They worked surprisingly well over my Lake shoes. Thanks Pat. I think I am set for the Arrowhead 135 on Monday. I took some pictures of the Pugs all loaded up. All that is missing is a frame bag that my future Mother In-law is going to make tomorrow. Thanks Cheryl. Congratulations goes out to Brian and Heather on their recent engagement. You're a lucky girl Heathrow! Here are the pics (action shots courtesy of the one and only Austin : )

All loaded up with nowhere to go.

Me doing my best crazy model pose with the stylish solomon pilot boot covers.

Here I come.

There I go.

Last one. I've lost my stealth mode with those boot covers.

I'll try and get a few more up before I head to International Falls on Sunday. Until then...


Brian said...

Looking good Vino, looking good.

I can't wait to hear the Arrowhead race report while sipping on a 33oz Coke and eating a delicious Hub burger. :)

Make sure you check those chainring bolts now after changing your ring. The last thing you want is for those to fall out on mile 75. ;)

Anonymous said...

Check out the bootie

covers. Very nice! Make your feet look like a yellow orb blur as you pedal with the new small chain ring. Where is your big reflective vest?

Lane said...

I've never seen such a sexy winter bike rider/racer! You look like a stealth ninja on a mean purple people eater ready to take on the foot soldiers in your path. I give you the name daveatello, you study the arts of aristotle and are nickenamed the big nasty. Ride on brother simmons and bring home the respect that the rest of your dojo clan deserves. You are the chosen one!

This message written by the electronic pen of L to the second Power

Anonymous said...


Good luck on the race, you are ready!

However, did you notice how your second picture makes you look incapable of riding such a large bike because of your perceived overall height? Just something to make you think about when your riding 135, "My bike is way to big". Good mantra to chant.

PaddyH said...

good luck! don't freze your cojones

Simmons said...

Thanks Patrick. They made it back in two pieces. I might need a good kick in the junk at TI V.2 though.